Monday, March 24, 2014

This is how you live life

While I was on a walk I passed this couple dancing in a laundromat. I walked back, stuck my head inside and said hello. 

Conditions perfect for tango and samba

"We're doing our laundry," she said as she laughed. 
"You guys brought a smile to my face. I had to walk back and tell you that. Can I take a picture of you?" I asked. 
"Where are you going to put it? In a magazine?" he joked. 

I told him I'd put it on Facebook. But really I wanted a picture because they made me smile. I love that they were dancing in a laundromat and they didn't care who saw. They were giddy as teenagers. And those smiles were infectious. My day got brighter instantly and I hope yours did too!

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