Friday, April 21, 2017

How to store strawberries

Easy strawberry storage technique
Easy strawberry storage technique

I've made the mistake of buying 3 baskets of fresh strawberries from the local farmers' market or a giant clamshell from Costco and just putting the entire thing into the fridge. We try to enjoy them over a few days but by day 3 they've turned into little shrunken heads. So unappetizing! I asked our local farmers' market strawberry vendor for storage tips which I'll now share with you! :o)

Basically if you're going to put strawberries in the fridge, you want to keep the environment dry. First, don't wash the strawberries before storing. Or if you do, make sure they're completely dry before storing them using the technique below. 

When I have a large amount of strawberries I place them in a container, alternating a paper towel between one single layer of berries. This paper towel/strawberry lasagna creates a dry environment (the paper towels soak up the excess moisture) to keep those strawberries plump. I've been able to store strawberries like this in the fridge for over a week! Enjoy!

Here's what the strawberries looked like after 1 week in the same container. They held up quite well, didn't they? I didn't do anything, didn't even change out the paper towels.